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Meet Trevor our new I.T. wizard

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Q. Briefly, tell us about your background and experience?
A. I have worked in IT for over 30 years and had a variety of roles including mainframe operations, network support and service desk team leader. I have also worked in differing industries, ranging from a bookmaker to a fast food chain

Q. What are the most challenging/rewarding aspects of your job role?
A. The most challenging part is having to deal with several issues at the same time and prioritising and the most rewarding part is resolving issues to the customers/users satisfaction.

Q. What activities or hobbies do you pursue outside of work?
A. I play a lot of golf and am a keen footballer supporter. I support a team from North London, who do not have a chicken standing on a basketball as their club crest.

Q. Most interesting fact about yourself?
A. I have had two famous next door neighbours one was Jack Wilshere the footballer and the other was Karen England one of the “opera babes” (you may have to google that one).

Q. Best School memory?
A. School trips

Q. Favourite/worst school dinner?
A. Favourite fish n’ chips/Worst was anything with swede.

Q. Sum yourself up in one sentence?
A. I like to think that I’m an easy going person, who tries to see the best in everyone I meet.